Friday, 2 March 2012

Three Week Anniversary

Three weeks ago today I had the op. And today I was back at the hospital for my second hydro-physio session. Why can't they just call it physio in the pool?

Nessie took today's session and seemed a bit surprised. Almost like we had turned up unannounced and spoiled her Friday swim. There were four of us: me, Slobodan (broken ankle from last week), Derek (broken leg, rugby player) and Marlene (elderly German lady with a reconstructed foot).

Me and Marlene arrived first.

"Ve need to herry ahp und get in ze showvers."

I'm Jewish and I know it shouldn't but something makes me shudder when a German accent is ushering me to the showers. I quickly overcame my knee jerk fear and discovered Marlene had a good sense of humour and, in spite of her advancing years, an eye for hobbling rugby players in their trunks. She took an instant shine to Derek and made me and Slobodan feel quite inadequate.

"Vot a laffley bohdy you eff Derek."

Derek, 50 years her junior, turned lobster.

Nessie got us all moving and I quickly showed Marlene that whilst Derek may look good, his broken leg made him a lightweight in the pool. My knee had come on a lot since last week and I whizzed through my exercises and was more than ready for the Ministry of Funny Walks. Derek had to sit them out but I did them all with gusto. My long leg lunge being particularly good. Nessie forgot to tell us not to do any of these at home. I hope Derek can work it out.

Having been dropped off by Simon, cheers, I got picked up by Jimmy,cheers. He was on his way back from an audition for the new series of The Thick of It. He thought it was funny to have auditioned for a best script writer Oscar nominee but with no script, just impro. It's the way he tells them.

This week has seen steady progress and I've tried, by playing CDs and thus having to get up and change them, to make sure I exercise regularly. Monday sees me back at the hospital for my first proper physio session. I hope I've got as far ad they expect.

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