Saturday, 3 March 2012

Normal Service is Resumed - For Katie

Half way through week three Katie's life finally went back to normal and oh boy was she happy about it.

While I have been totally incapacitated she has been brilliant, doing everything for me but she's always had her little jokes. The Pithy Elbow was only the tip of the iceberg. Her favourite was continually chuntering 'in sickness and in health' as she carried out some other task for me.

Well, Wednesday morning saw my reign of terror end as I managed to do all the things that I would normally do for her before she sets off for work.

1. Coffee in bed - this is the trickiest as it requires me walking up the stairs with crutches. I'd had a practise with a couple of cups of cold water during the day on Tuesday. I'm nothing if not meticulous. That went well, no drops spilled so I announced at bedtime on Tuesday that I would do the coffee.

2. Breakfast - I'd been doing this for a few days so no great shakes.

3. Glasses - I always clean Katie's glasses. I don't wear glasses, even though I really should, but they irritate my face too much. I have no idea how she gets them so dirty and each day it's my job to clean off yesterday.

4 - Lunch - We don't live on the poverty line but buying lunch at work is always at least £5, so £25 a week. Thus for the last few years it has been my job to make the sangers (sandwiches).

Doing 2,3, and 4 in the time it takes Katie to have a shower is a tough ask on one leg which is why it has taken till now to get back on an even keel so it was indeed a big moment as I hobbled to the door and waved her off on Wednesday morning.

The other thing that came back on Wednesday was my back exercises. I've had a bad back for a few years. It took a while but eventually I got my GP to send me to a physio. Jonny was brilliant, within four 30 minute sessions he got to the root of the problem, and devised a daily routine of exercise to keep me pain free for ever. The trouble was that with my knee up the creek since the operation the exercises had been impossible. On Wednesday, with some difficulty and a few minor adjustments I managed to do them. This came just in time as I had started to feel the familiar twinges.

And so now here we are 3 weeks down the line, 1/13th of the way through the recovery. The daily routine has been re-established and now I need to try and get my daily life back to normal. In another three weeks I will be walking crutch free. The next target.

One bit of excitement this week was that I had a comment on the blog from Nemanja Vidic. He too is recovering from an ACL operation and will not play again for Manchester United until August. He'd happened across the blog whilst googling about his injury. He didn't say much but said he was following and hoped we both made a full recovery.  I'm not a Man United fan but I thought it was a nice touch.

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