Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Daily Routine

I've now fallen into a pattern of behaviour, pretty soon, this will become a habit.

Every morning I wake up, thanks to a coffee brought to me by Katie, ah coffee in bed, the best moment of the day. Then I roll up my pyjama leg and see how the swelling is. I take a picture, Katie has a look too. We are waiting for the arrow to disappear. We have discussed getting it tattooed on as a permanent reminder but I don't kneed that just yet.

Then I do some exercises. Straight leg lift, straightening the leg, bending the leg as far as possible, and then lying on my front lifting the lower half of the leg as far as possible. All 20 reps.

I slowly make my way downstairs, yesterday, Saturday 25th was the first time since the op that I have done it without the crutches.

Once down I start making breakfast and Katie's sandwich for work. By the time I'm done, she is showered and dressed and we eat together at the breakfast bar. She doesn't like me calling it that but I can't think what else to call it. The window looks south-east so we always get the sun coming up over the nieghbours' houses' gardens. It's lovely.

We have a long established routine for our breakfasts so I don't have to think about it: Monday - cereal, Tuesday and Thursday - porridge, Wednesday - fruit buns, Friday - crumpets.

Normally we'd chat at the breakfast bar, but my leg aches when I still on a stool without it raised so I finish my coffee on the sofa, while she gets ready to, and then, leaves for work.

My work day begins and is punctuated by exercises, icing and raising the leg. I'm lucky that my job allows this without interrupting either. My figures are up on last January and February so far in spite of the operation and in a more difficult climate so I'm quite pleased.

Added to the bed exercises I also do a ten minute walk every couple of hours. This is up and down the house, and out round the table in the back garden. I've also started to doing squats against the wall.

The most painful moment is at the end of heel hanging, when I have to try and bend the knee again. It's like anything you do with your body. If you leave a limb or muscle in an extreme or extended position for any length of time and then try to move, it hurts. I always take it slowly as I raise the knee again but it's always painful.

And so the days will go by. It's already two weeks since the operation. For a 40 week recovery period that means I am 5% of the way through. 1/20th of my recovery already done. I'm not enjoying it as such, but I am looking forward to the challenges ahead.

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