Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Mosh Pit - The Wedding Present

Having my knee fixed was almost 100% inspired by my desire, need, to carry on playing football. I hadn't thought of anything else that the lack of an ACL would stop me doing, until last Friday.

I'm stuck in a time warp so my musical tastes have not changed since the 1980s, I'm sorry. One of my favourite bands is The Wedding Present*. Guitar and drums combining with heart breaking lyrics.

* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wedding_Present

They're latest thing is to do a 21st anniversary tour of each album. Pre-injury I went to see the gig to celebrate this landmark for Bizarro. Post operation I saw that the Seamonsters tour was coming up. I emailed a couple of chums who, whilst they like some modern music, still have a place in their hearts and on their android phones for some of David Lewis Gedge's work.

Gedge is the only original member of the band, he writes all the music and lyrics, and is in effect The Wedding Present. The current line up has a lead guitarist from Hong Kong, a bassist from Scandinavia and a drummer from Southampton. The parts may have changed but the sound is still as good.

When I met with my chums in the pub next door to the Koko club I listened in whilst they talked about high finance and corporate affairs. We met in the 1980s working for the country's, if not the world's, leading credit checking firm. They have stayed in the same line of work and have successfully navigated the corporate world. I still like them both a lot, but often when we meet I sit there listening to them and don't have a clue what they're talking about.

Anyway, time moved on and we went in. We stood at the back of a packed house as The Weddoes came on. They went through a couple of new numbers and I was disinclined to force my way forward. It seemed rude to my chums and I was, as always, worried about the knee.

After the first few tunes, the guitars ushered in 'You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends'. I had done this. We were there together and suddenly my legs were taking me to the front before my head could say no. In the old days, getting to the front was difficult, now it is easy. 95% of the audience are in their 40s and are ever so polite. A little tap on the shoulder and you're let by. Within a couple of seconds I was right at the front moshing away with 100 other 40-something, balding, sweaty men. Bliss.

The songs got faster, and slower and faster again as we moved as one. My knee held firm in spite of the jostling. All the while I was thinking what a great test this was of my rehabilitation. Star-excursion test eat your heart out.

When the final note was played, The Wedding Present never play encores so you always know that when it is over it is truly over, I turned and walked back to the lads feeling chuffed.

The next day I played a full half for my Saturday team, had a few big tackles and came away unscathed. The knee had passed what I think is the final test.  This Thursday is my last visit to the physio for the proper final sign off.

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