Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A Statistical Review

Short Distance Running Progress - Treadmill unless stated.

1510 metres - 15 mins at a speed of 6km/h - 15th May. (First Post-Op Run)

2030 metres - 15 mins at 8.12 km/h - 26th May

3040 metres - 20 mins at 9.12 km/h - 1st June

1950 metres - 10 mins at 11.7 km/h - 13th June

2880 metres - 17 mins 20 sec at 10.02 km/h - 24th June. (First Street Run)

5.06 k - 30 mins at 10.12 km/h - 1st July (First 5k for many years)

2.05 k - 10 mins at 12.30 km/h - 3rd July

5.54 k - 30 mins at 11.08 km/h - 27th July

1.5 k - 6 mins 50 secs at 13.17 km/h - 18th Aug

6 k - 30 mins at 12 km/h - 2nd Sep

So yesterday I ran 6 kilometres at a speed twice as quick as I managed to run 1500 metres when I first started running again. The distance, the speed and the length of time running are all important because it is a combination of the three that gives me an indication of the build up of strength. This is all very good and I like it because it is totally quantifiable.

What is harder to judge is the solidity of the knee. I've started doing all the exercises that Clodagh suggested and have also looked ahead to see what comes next. You can see all this and more on wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anterior_cruciate_ligament_reconstruction but here are the highlights...

The Zig Zag Test - Doing some high speed zig zag runs in a small area.
The Illinois Agility Test - A zig zag test from Illinois. Similar to Zig Zag but more changes of direction.
The Heiden Hop Test - A hop test from Heiden. Hop from uninjured leg to injured leg (is that not called a step?) and try to nail the landing.
Isokinetic Testing - Various tests which isolate very specific muscles and/or joints.

I have to pass all these test, or rather do well at them, before the lush grass of the world's football pitches are re-opened to me.

One thing that I have not really touched on in these updates is the fact that whilst all my energies are focused on my knee it is easy to forget how I have to keep the rest of me going. I'm 47 and bits start to drop off. I was reminded of this after today's run when I noticed a blister on my foot. The whole recovery process could grind to a halt if this gets worse. You can see now why people are so enthusiastic to push the concept of holistic medicine. I have a message for Mr Blister - Eff Off. I will not let a blister make me move back my 10th of November return.

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